I really like to talk politics, history, music, community and people.
However, I do not like talking about myself, so i will keep this brief.
I am a family guy, a high school history teacher, a Dead Head, and a good friend.  I was inspired to do this blog because I do have lots to say about our history as a county, a world and a planet.
Being active in local politics and the state of affairs happening in the world today (2017) and having some ideas about how we got here, where we are going, and what to do in the mean time, got be to put pen to paper (ok, fingers to keyboard) and get my thoughts out.  One of the biggest things I really enjoy is interaction and having discussions to learn and banter about different ideas and experiences.
So, my friend who does blogs and websites for others as her work was available to guide me (and motivate me) to get this blog site going.  Something I have been wanting to do for, well, years.
My muses are mostly life force giving activities and expressions:
  • local, state, country and world politics
  • community building
  • music
  • people, family, friends
  • hiking
  • the environment
  • did I mention I like politics?

Personally, I wear baseball caps, tshirts, shorts and hiking boots.  I am a bit of a procrastinator and I have big dreams.  My wife and I are active in our community, and I am very proud of my newly college graduate daughter.

Born in India, lived in France, raised mostly in the DC area, and migrated west as soon as I could to San Francisco.  I am a lover not a fighter, and am an advocate for other’s successes.

Basically, that’s that and here we are.